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Savannah Day Trip

May 17-18

One of the beautiful squares in Savannah

We took a break from RV life and checked ourselves into the JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District for some much needed pampering and city sightseeing

The hotel is incredible. Yes, it’s pricey, but even if you don’t have a zillion Marriott points like we do, book yourself a stay if you are in the area.

The lobbies were created when they put roofs over the spaces between three beautiful old riverfront buildings. When we entered we were greeted by a life sized replica of a brontosaurus hanging above your head. It looks like it may be made of stainless steel. Its glimmering surface dances with colored lights that make it feel like it’s alive. As you make your way to registration you pass dozens of 6 to 8 foot tall geodes. Everywhere you look another stone bursts with color.

When Tim mentioned that we were living in our RV and I was craving a bath tub for just one night, the wonderful woman made sure we had the PERFECT ROOM! We were there only one night, but I managed to take two baths! 🙂

I made pact with myself that we will “treat” ourselves to a little luxury every couple of months while we are on the road. More about exploring Savannah in the next post!

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