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Honey and the Beast

May 31st, 2022

We live this adventure in our Alliance Paradigm 310. “Honey” is 34’11” long and 13’ 4” tall including her three air conditioners.

We pull her with Tim’s new F 350 diesel short-bed, “the Beast.”

Honey and the Beast in the Smokey Mountains

Honey has a king-sized bed and a closet along the entire front wall which is in the section just over the truck bed. She has a built in dresser and little settee. The bed raises up to open up some much needed storage. We keep our cooler weather clothes and extra blankets under there.

She has a very nice sized bathroom and shower then steps down into the living area and kitchen.

We have a full sized RV refrigerator, a nice sized pantry, microwave and island with a full sized sink.

The living area features a pull out couch and two comfy recliners that face a huge TV. Just under the TV is an electric fireplace that we used when we were in Indiana in March. It kept us nice and warm.

Why is the RV named Honey? I was having a hard time thinking of a name for her and realized that might be because while we always named our cars in the past, we never actually named our home, they were just “home.” Then I thought, “Honey, I’m home!” and she was named!

I’ll post more pictures of the inside later this week. In the meantime, here are some more pictures of our dynamic duo!

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