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OMG the ribs – and the beans – and the….

May 31, 2022 – Pigeon Forge

Check out Tim’s plate in the back – almost gone! 🙂

Tim knows I have never been a fan of beef ribs. It’s baby back ribs or no ribs at all for me. So I was surprised when he came out with a “small” plate of ribs for me and there they were – beef ribs.

Reba and I were waiting out on the pup-friendly porch and Boss Hog’s BBQ Shack. We chose it from the Bring Fido app, which has become our go to Open Table now that we are traveling the country with our pup.

While we were waiting, a smiling young woman came out to the porch to bring Reba a bowl of water AND a little cup with some shredded meat.

I believe Reba was seriously considering leaving me for her new best friend. The lady with the meat bowl is serious competition!

Tim places the plate of ribs, green beans and baked beans in front of me, I looked up shook my head and tried the massive beef ribs on the plate fully expecting to pass them right over to him. OMG – I’m a convert! These ribs were meaty and tender and DELICIOUS! The two sauces on the table were amazing. And there was so much in this “small” platter that I was only able to eat two of the five ribs and half of the sides he brought out.

No, I didn’t even let him have my leftovers.

The smiling young woman came out to check on us and to see if we wanted biscuits or cornbread. We both shouted out “CORNBREAD” with our mouths full – she chuckled and bought us each out two pieces of warm, sweet, fabulous cornbread.

Then we met the Boss himself. Bobby came by to see how we were doing. We ended up chatting for quite some time and found out he has a new bride and they have just purchased a house in Turkey. He says he will stay here during “season” and spend time in Turkey in the off season with his wonderful wife!

If you get to Pigeon Forge, don’t miss Boss Hogg’s BBQ Shack!

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