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Kentucky Horse Park – Lexington

June 8th, 2022

This was our second horse themed stop on our journey. I hope we can find more as we travel the US. If you know of others we should try, please leave a comment.

This beauty was in the draught horse barn.

Kentucky Horse Park is run by the state of Kentucky. It is an 1100 acre property filled with beautiful green pastures and over 50 miles of beautifully maintained fencing to keep the horses safe.

Beautiful property – Kentucky Horse Park

The campground we stayed at (separate post) was attached to the park, so it was the first stop we made in Lexington. Unfortunately the Kentucky Horse Park venue is closed Monday and Tuesday. So we had to wait until Wednesday to visit.

We only had that one day to visit and we had already booked a hard-to-get ticket to the Woodford Reserve tour that morning, so we went in about noon. If you get the chance to visit, I’d recommend getting there earlier as we missed most of the shows that day.

We were able to walk the grounds and see the beautiful horses in their stables. They have one building filled with dozens of different breeds of horses.

KHP is a dog friendly park, so Reba was able to roam the grounds and sniff the dogtastic smells in the barns. She even got to meet a couple of police horses!

AND I got to ride! OK, it was a pretty tame trail ride with 15 of my new best friends but I’ll take what I can get. At some point on this journey, I’ll take some private lessons so I can really enjoy some rides. My horse for the 30 minute tour around the grounds had his nose firmly planted into the behind of the pokey pony in front of us.

Trail Ride – Me in the red shirt – Apollo’s head firmly planted. LOL

I did a quick trip through the horse museum as the buildings were not dog approved. If you have time, spend an hour or two in there – it’s pretty cool!

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