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Woodford Reserve Tour

When we were in Lexington, we made time to go to the Woodford Reserve tour. Tim used to travel for work regularly and when he was in business or first class and they would bring him a couple of those little bottles of Woodford when he ordered a bourbon. Quite a few of them made their way to our house in his pocket!

A few years ago, I developed an allergy to red wine and transitioned my evening drink to Timmy’s tiny Woodford stash. This started my love of bourbons!

Woodford Reserve

The grounds are nestled in horse country. More than once we thought our GPS had taken us down the wrong road, but we made it in time for our tour!

The start and end of our tour. Tasting room and store (of course!)
Our guide was fun and very knowledgeable!

One thing I learned is that every single standard sized bottle of Woodford, no matter where in the world you find it, comes out of this facility. The little tiny bottles that got me started are filled somewhere else.

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