Adjust your plans

March 24th, 2022

Storm clouds – change of plans

Lessons learned today?

Lesson number one:

It’s more than OK to take time away from camping when you see a sign that says “the only salt cave in North Georgia” and the fact that this salt cave is attached to a fabulous spa didn’t hurt either!

Serenity In The Mountains lived up to it’s name. I had a wonderful 90 minute massage followed by 45 minutes in their salt cave, which is supposed to be very good for inflammation and anything else that ails you. Not sure if it worked, but it sure was relaxing!

If you get to Blue Ridge, Georgia on your travels, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this beautiful place. If you don’t have a 5th wheel to go home to they have a lovely resort attached to the spa!

We were supposed to be packing up to leave Blue Ridge and head to Lake Blackshear tomorrow morning, but there are some good storms coming through tonight and it’s going to rain heavily most of the day tomorrow. We thought about hooking up tonight and sleeping in the rig attached to the truck so we could stay a bit drier. We would then just take off in the AM for a minimum of four hours of rainy driving with the RV in tow – but I had an epiphany while relaxing in the salt cave.

Lesson number two:

We are RETIRED! The KOA we are staying at is not full and we don’t have to be at work tomorrow – so….we are staying another night in Blue Ridge and will be on the road on what we think will be a sunny Thursday drive instead of a miserable, rainy Wednesday. Why didn’t we think of this idea in the first place? We have never had the luxury of just waiting another day – for anything. Even vacations were carefully planned.

Not to say we don’t have anything on the calendar. I’m going to be attending a We Exist meeting on Thursday from our drive and tomorrow’s rainy day will give me some time to work on a marketing project! Yes, I’m taking a tiny baby step into doing some freelance work. (under 5 hours to start – I DO remember lesson number two – we are RETIRED!) 🙂

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You know those days when you wish you could just sell all your stuff and go on the road? Me too! So I did it.

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