Brother John’s tickets

March 29th, 2022

My brother John (you will meet brother-in-law John in another post) has the most incredible tickets to the Tampa Bay Lightening and even though he knows I know and care very little about the actual game of sports, I love the spectacle of it all. Check out these seats!

John’s seats are literally right on the glass!

The penalty boxes are right to each side of the seats, so we got to witness a lot of the smack talk

And I’m not sure exactly why the most profitable team in hockey (so says my brother) has such a need for duct tape, but it did bring me back to my old radio days!

Pretty sure they could afford to just get this stuff fixed, right?

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Published by Kiralafond

You know those days when you wish you could just sell all your stuff and go on the road? Me too! So I did it.

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