Blue Springs State Park

Wednesday January 18, 2022

Over 500 manatees spent the day in Blue Springs State Park.

Wednesday was the perfect day to spend at Blue Springs State Park. The weather was perfect and the crowds were minimal.

Friends of ours had gone on a weekend and had to wait nearly 45 minutes to just get into the park. They close the area periodically as the park gets to capacity. We had just a few minutes wait as people paid the $6 per car entry fee.

Blue Spring is the largest spring on the Johns River and is manatee refuge. It stays close to 72 degrees year round and in the winter, this temperature attracts West Indian manatees looking for a warm place to lounge from November through March.

We began the day with a nice picnic lunch and then headed to see the manatees.

The park has a nice walkway and several observation areas where you can get close to the water and see the manatees and tons of beautiful fish. We saw Florida spotted far, tarpon, channel catfish, mullet, crappie, bass, tilapia (not a native fish).

The observation decks are over the water, so you can get close to the manatee without disturbing them. (It’s a $2,500 fine if you feed or try to touch them.)

Tim and Reba stayed behind while I spent an hour in a kayak on the Johns River.

Reba and I walked the boardwalk up to the spring head. The waters are crystal clear and filled with fish.

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