Sarasota Medieval Fair

November 13th, 2022

Tim and I spent a few hours back in time on Sunday. We visited the Sarasota Medieval Fair, Compared to the Renaissance Fair in Wisconsin, this one is small, but still filled with fun!

The Fair moved to a new location this year. It was held in the beautiful Woods of Mallaranny, which is a 47 acre park filled with huge oak trees and meadows. It was a perfect setting to make you feel like you truly did step back into the past.

The Woods of Mallaranny was GORGEOUS.

Many, many of the visitors were in costume and there were dozens of entertainers wandering the grounds or on stage singing or drumming or having vegetables thrown (badly) at them! Even on the walk from the car we saw some great characters!

There were many shops through the park. You could get a turkey leg and grog of course. And if you didn’t have a costume, there were probably a dozen places you could purchase one. Some of you know I do have a costume from my last time at the Wisconsin fair, but alas, it’s in storage at Emily’s house right now. I’ll be sure to bring it with me next time. I was tempted to buy another one….

I bought a couple of Christmas gifts for the girls and these earrings had to come home with me!

We enjoyed several of the shows. My favorite was the birds of prey!

Camel ride anyone?

We shared a delicious pork sandwich. I was shocked that Tim didn’t get a turkey leg, but we did see many others enjoying them. I had a really good cider (I need to look up what kind it was) and all the rest of the food we saw looked great. The only disappointment was the $6 ice cream that consisted of a watery soft serve that was tiny.

Not a Medieval sized portion.

Notice something missing? Sadly no pups allowed at the Medieval Fair, but Reba spent her first doggie daycare day at a Rover sitter’s house. She had a great time and we will be using them again!

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