“Back-in” school

March 31, 2022

Today we learned more than all the other days combined! We spent three hours with My RV School in Tampa.


My RV School is a faith based, veteran owned, family business and we were lucky enough to have both the husband and wife come out to teach us the tricks!

They took us through how to back in to a camp spot with our 5th weel using only our mirrors and each other!

I mentioned that I had not yet driven the rig, so they had me do the first back in. We did four total practices.

If you are even considering buying a 5th wheel for vacation or for full-time living, I’d recommend hiring these guys to train you the DAY you get your rig. IF you have a friend who would let you borrow their truck and rig to take the class with BEFORE you buy yours – even better!

While we were very happy with the folks who sold us our Alliance 310, you pretty much get the keys, a hearty slap on the back and a “good luck!” Learning to drive it forward is not a huge deal, but backing it into a spot or getting out of a challenging situation is NOT easy.

They taught us so much in just three hours and we will have a checklist going forward that will make us so much more safe. We have blended the MyRV checklist with the one we found online from Changing Lanes, updated them for our rig and we do NOTHING without the checklist!

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