Rainy Day fall cleaning hack

September 11, 2022

The wedding is over and all the little projects that come along with a backyard wedding are completed. So we spent this rainy day doing some fall organizing in our home on wheels.

When we packed everything into our Alliance 310 six months ago, I hung all of our clothes with the hangers backwards so that we could easily see what we were wearing and what we never got out of the closet. Not surprisingly, we wore only about half the clothes and shoes we brought.

Some of that is because we brought a some cold weather clothes and have worked pretty hard to stay where it was warm, but many of the unworn clothes were simply bypassed for favorites that we wore nearly every week.

We pulled everything out on the bed

Not sure where I thought I’d wear ten dresses or heels or eight pairs of jeans. Tim is getting rid of several sport coats, some sweatshirts and shoes he has not worn.

While I LOVE the fancy (and heavy) robe I brought with us, I rarely wear it and one of my girls can enjoy it while we continue our trip.

I kept the black hiking boots and the fancier heeled ones are out the door.

piles for Goodwill, trash and for our daughters to look through

When we packed up, I was sure I’d need all the bath towels. Now I know 4 will do it. We will be replacing our ten heavy towels with 4 fast dry towels in the next few days.

I went through the ridiculously deep cabinet in our bathroom and found that I do not need to buy lotion or hairspray or toothpaste or Q-tips for many, many months. I have plenty.

I can now see the back of my closet and can reach everything! Tim estimates that we are taking a couple hundred pounds of weight out of the rig.

I put all the hangers back in backwards and we will do this again in a few months and see how much more we can live without!

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You know those days when you wish you could just sell all your stuff and go on the road? Me too! So I did it.

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