Afternoon by the river

June 2, 2022

The backyard of “It’s Not the Coffee” in Townsend.

Wish this peaceful little river was in your backyard?

It could be if you stop by “It’s Not the Coffee” in Townsend, Tennessee. Townsend is a fun little town just southwest of the bustle of Pigeon Forge.

Townsend’s beautiful river-walk, while right along highway 321, features convenient parking areas, picnic tables and barely hidden paths that lead you through the trees to areas you can wade in Little River. The crisp bite of the water and the rustle of the leaves mask all the road noise and you are transported. Until your dog jumps over you and splashes and the river meets your entire wardrobe.

Reba checking out the Riverwalk

Reba and I made a few treks into the river along our walk and as we got to about the two mile mark, we came across this sign and decided to grab a drink before we headed back.

It’s Not the Coffee – Townsend, Tennessee

Wait! What is that? Riverside tables?

It’s not just riverside tables either. They rent out their ENTIRE riverside backyard to you! For $15 Tim and Reba and I could spend a half a day pretending we had a riverside cottage. The owner, Sabrina, told us to just grab a chair and drag it into the river and enjoy. She didn’t have to ask me (or Reba) twice!

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