Mesilla, NM Tequila, Ghosts and a Haircut!

Thursday March 23rd, 2023

While we were in Las Cruses, we visited the adorable nearby town, Mesilla, New Mexico.

We spent some time in the area they call Old Mesilla. It has history back to the early 1800s and is filled with gorgeous old adobe buildings that feature shops and our favorite, local restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shops too, we just don’t have the room for my old shopping habit while on the road. When we buy one thing to put in the RV something else has to get taken out and Tim is tired of me throwing out his stuff.

One evening we had dinner at La Posta de Mesilla. We had outstanding margaritas and Mexican food that felt like someone’s Abuela was in the back cooking for us. La Posta is known for having the largest tequila selection in the Southwest. It is good that I didn’t discover that until after we had left. I might have had to try a few in addition to the margaritas!

Doesn’t this look amazing?

Another evening we enjoyed a meal at the Double Eagle Restaurant. Double Eagle is in an old haunted house. The story goes that the teenage son of the first owners, Armando Maes, fell in love with the beautiful Inez who served as one of his mother’s servants. The two young lovers hid their romance from his mother, but the whole town knew. When Armando’s mother caught them in his room, she fell into a rage and killed first Inez and then accidentally Armando with a pair of her sewing shears. It is said that the forbidden couple haunts the home until this day.

We had a delicious meal including a Caesar salad made table side. We were too full from the salad and our wonderful steaks to try the table side Bananas Foster, but we watched it being made from across the room. Fun!

There is a second restaurant in the building. Peppers serves Tapas.
Is that a ghost in the mirror?

Another amazing find in Mesilla is the Old Mesilla Kennel. I normally cringe at any pet boarding/spa place that calls itself a kennel, but I do see it used more in the west.

Reba desperately needed a more thorough bath than we can give her in the RV and Old Mesilla Kennel was highly recommended by people we met at the RV park. And they were so right! The groomer (I believe the owner) was incredible with Reba and she looked so beautiful when we picked her up!

Look how pretty she looked (for about an hour).

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