June 30th, 2022

Panorama of the Badlands

The stark landscapes and beautiful skies blew me away when we were in the Badlands. This was the day that I decided that I needed to upgrade from my I Phone 10 and get a “real” camera. Looks like we will have to come back when I get one!

We started the day with a stop at a prairie dog town. Our GyPSy navigator told us about the little side drive to get to them and also that the fleas prairie dogs tend to wear can carry the Bubonic Plague. I stayed a reasonable distance away, while watching whole families try to entice the critters with Cheetos so they could get real close!

I understand that at one time, there were more than 2 billion (B) prairie dogs in the region. There were certainly hundreds in the area we stopped.

The Badlands got it’s name from the Lakota Indians who called it “mako sica” or bad lands according to Wikipedia and our app navigator. This area is known for high winds, lack of water and a challenging to navigate terrain.

While the Badlands is a National Park, Reba was able to join us on this adventure since most of the day was spent in or very near the truck. She loved posing for posing for pictures and showing off the scenery.

Here’s a video of one of the most spectacular vistas!

:29 seconds of the Badlands!

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