My new favorite store – Detwilers

November 16th, 2022

OMG – if you love fresh fruit and veggies, meat and seafood get down here!

First impression – it looks big and there are lots of cars in the lot…

Tim met a woman in the laundry the other day and she told him about Detwiler’s Farm Market. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much, since the farm stands we have gone to down here have been just OK.

We were out running errands and stopped in and it literally took my breath away. I walked right into the produce section and saw mounds and mounds of crazy fresh fruits and verges. It SMELLED so fresh. I was getting ready to pack my cart full and then remembered that I live in a 350 square foot RV and there are only two of us. And I could come back. 🙂

Look at those tomatoes!

I picked up just a few things for a salad and then rolled my cart to the back of the store.

THE FISH! The fish counter was about as long as our RV. They had dozens of types of the freshest fish I have ever seen. I picked up some fresh local shrimp and a couple of giant lobster stuffed mushrooms.

We have got come back for grouper!
Took this picture for our daughter Katie who is the biggest crab fan!

Then, the meat section. How do you choose? Gorgeous steaks and chops and chicken. Then the homemade sausages. We went with some pork chops this time.

Reba would be in heaven if she ever got in here.

Did I mention steaks? Short ribs will be coming home with us in the future.

Prices were reasonable too.

We will be back and when we do find our forever home in Florida it will be near a Detwiler’s!

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