Smoky Dog Lodge

June 2, 2022

Smoky Dog Lodge Sevierville

Mom and Dad dropped me off at Smoky Dog Lodge today. I was kinda ticked that they were not going to take me to Clingman’s Dome. They said they were going to hike up to the peak, which is 6644 feet above sea level.

Apparently “the man” that runs the park says four legged nature lovers are not allowed on the path to the dome. I think that’s dumb. If they let kids and old farts do it, why can’t we?

To make me feel better about being left out of their adventure today, mom booked me a space at Smoky Dog Lodge. She made sure that there were going to be plenty of dog pals for me to run and play with.

Even though I was less than happy about going at first, I had a great time running and chasing all the pups. I liked it so much that I asked her to bring me back here when they go to Dollywood tomorrow. Can you believe it, Dolly says I can’t come to her theme park either! Maybe she doesn’t know that I’m named after another famous country singer. I’ll bet if Reba gets her own theme park, she’d let me come.

Mom says I got good and worn out today – she snapped this picture while I was taking a short snooze before dinner.

All tuckered out

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