Hillsborough River State Park

January 4th, 2023

So many gators watched as I kayaked the river.

We wandered through Hillsborough River State Park a couple of days ago. This gorgeous property is a short drive from downtown Tampa, but it feels like an entirely different planet!

This park opened in 1938 and has trails and pavilions dating back nearly that far.

Reba loves hiking in Florida’s state parks. They have very well defined trails that are packed with lizards and turtles and SQUIRRELS for her to dart after. I have tried to explain to her that breaking mom’s arm or shoulder for a squirrel may not be in her best interest because I use that arm to feed her with.

We took the trail that follows the rapids. The scenery and sounds are beautiful. We got a little lost, but that just added to the adventure (in my mind – Tim was not as excited about it.)

After our hike, Tim and Reba waited in the truck while I took a kayak out on the river. Reba wanted to come, but I didn’t bring her life jacket so she has to wait till next time. I may have to rethink her joining me after seeing some of the river’s inhabitants.

They had well maintained kayaks for rent.

The river is beautiful and filled to with turtles and gators. All but one of the gators I saw was on the bank sunning themselves, but I did see one in the water that was longer than my kayak. He ducked under just as I managed to get my camera out.

We will definitely be back. There is a fort we need to explore and several longer paths that Reba and I might enjoy.

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