Blue Ridge Mountains

March 22, 2022

On our way down to Blue Ridge, GA, my brother John Elmer texted to say he and Chris Behrens Elmer would be here this weekend too! We only overlapped a day, but they came over to see the RV and we had a great dinner together at Black Sheep! Great food, great company. It’s a gorgeous restaurant that looks like it was built into an old house.

Today, Tim and Reba and I started on our commitment to walk every day. We only did a little over a mile for this first day, but we got to explore the Blue Ridge KOA and the beautiful Toccoa River.

Went downtown Blue Ridge today to walk around and I found the perfect purse for our travels. Just big enough for a small wallet, glasses and my phone and I lived up to our new rule, if you buy something you have to get rid of two things! Kicked an old too big and a too small purse to the curb. Living in a 5th wheel can really put a needed crimp in a shopping habit!

The park is very, very nice. I believe it’s about two years old and it sits right on the river. We saw some folks fishing there today. We considered getting the poles out, but really didn’t see them getting any action and we would need to purchase a Georgia fishing license…might change our minds and try it out tomorrow.

We are getting used to some of the home chores that need to get done even when you are living in an RV. KOA has a great laundry facility and Tim made quick work of all our dirty clothes!

I’ll be brushing off my Girl Scout skills and starting our fire shortly and there may be a bourbon and a pig-in-a-blanket in my future!

I’ll post more pics in a few minutes. I’m having some trouble getting the phone pics to upload to the Ipad – technology…..sheesh….

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