Endless paperwork

April 22, 2022

The long walks in the woods are helping us keep our sanity!

The two weeks before coming to Silver Springs State Park we spent at Bay Bayou RV Resort, Tampa and we spent a good part of that time doing the paperwork and line standing required when you retire/move into an RV!

Setting up residency was important and with three trips to several DMVs we got our new Florida licenses and registrations/plates. In Pinellas County you can’t just walk in and wait – you have to make an appointment. And instead of getting your registration BEFORE you can switch your insurance out, you have to get insurance BEFORE you get your registration. Thus the multiple trips and many hours on the phone.

COBRA is no joke either. Since I retired at 60, I’ll need to navigate primary health insurance for the next five years. You would think that would be easy. Pay the fees and continue the insurance. Uh, no.

In our case, if you are going to make any changes to your plan, you can’t even sign up online. You have to snail mail your application in and hope and pray they get it in time because they will not accept a Fed Ex or other outside delivery package.

Took the form to the post office – took a picture of the signed form and a picture of me sending it, got it certified and waited – and waited – and waited. Post office can’t tell me where it is, other than the insurance company must not have picked it up from their box. Three weeks and multiple phone calls later they tell me I can fax it over. Downloaded a new form (because I had snail mailed the one they sent me) went to a FexEx, faxed it over and waited and called. They say they STILL don’t have it.

The customer service people up to this point, were all incredibly nice, they simply could not help me. One even told me that they were required BY LAW to only accept snail mail because they had to have a physical signature.

Legal pals, in this virtual world we live in, could this really be true???

I called again. This time, I get someone who told me how I could send a demand E Mail explaining how I have TRIED to get them the forms. Got a confirmation that they received the E mail and FINALLY – I have confirmation that I’m accepted and I have made my first two payments. And…..my paperwork, waiting lines days may be behind me for now.

If you made it throug this not so interesting part of the newly retired, here’s a picture of Reba and Tim and me on a walk this morning. Reba is saying “come on Mom, HURRY up” and Tim is saying “are we there yet???”

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