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November 20th, 2022

Mom is the BEST! The best at booking activities for me!

Mom is the WORST! The worst at picking which day to do these fun adventures.

I’m fast as lightening!

Guess what I got to do today! Guess, guess, guess! I’ll bet you can’t guess!

Need a clue? It is in my breed name. That’s like a family name for you humans. I’m Reba the Miniature Australian Shepherd.

No, we didn’t go to Australia. That is on mom’s bucket list, but we have not made it there yet.

We didn’t do mini-dog wrestling, although I am an expert at that. I can do the duck and roll, body slam better than most.

The clue is in the last word. Yep, yep, yep. You got it, we went sheep-herding today!

Mom found this cool place called Ketch in Tampa. They do boarding, daycare, agility training and – and – HERDING lessons!

This was the BEST activity mom could have booked for me!!!

When my cousin Bailey’s mom, Chris, heard about it, she said Bailey could come too! Bailey is a mini-Aussie too. She’s ten, which is 70 in dog years, but she is fast!

Remember when I also said that mom was also the WORST? Today, we woke up to something I didn’t realize could happen here in Florida. Today was cold! OK, it was only about 55 degrees, but my doggie blood has thinned quickly since we have been here. And, just as we were pulling up to the training farm, it started to rain. And rain. And rain. Did I mention it was COLD?

I thought maybe we should try to reschedule, but then I saw the sheep! And I lost my mini-Aussie mind.

The sheep man said that this was just an introduction class. We got to get used to being around the sheep and then try to move from chasing them to actually herding them into a group. I maybe got the chasing down pretty good.

I got three of those sheep together!

My cousin, Bailey is eight years old than me, so she got the herding part down more quickly. She’s a pretty smart girl.

Good going Bailey!

We got wet and sandy and muddy and cold, but we had so much fun!!!

I hope mom takes me back for flyball or agility or more herding!

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