Adventure in moving

May 9th, 2022

Something so small can cause such major issues!

Another adventure in moving yesterday. We are learning patience and how to help each other in an (sort of) emergency.

Lesson number one – follow the procedure. Do the fussy stuff the night before you are leaving even if you think you have PLENTY of time in the morning.

We didn’t do that this time.

The morning of our move, Tim dumped the tanks while I got the inside ready to go, then he decided to try out his new lug wrench. All the RV boys have one – 🙂 He was tightening up the tires on the rig and…..”SNAP – WHOOOOOSSSSHHHH” broke the TPMS monitor right off the rear right tire. And what’s connected to the TPMS monitor you might ask? The tiny little valve stem that is holding a tremendous amount of air pressure in our tire.

Tim was so mad at himself for the accident, but it was just an accident. I took the rest of the cap out of his shaking hands and got it on the tire and he got the chance to try out his other new toy, an air compressor!

Got the tire to pressure, but it was not holding air, so we made a call to Good Sam Roadside Assistance. If you are debating which roadside assistance to get – we can’t recommend Good Sam enough! They are calm and helpful and surprisingly fast.

They sent a tech out, he replaced our tire with our full-sized spare (always have a full sized spare) and we were on our way – slowly and carefully.

Tim is out getting the old tire repaired so we can have another full-sized spare and I’ll take the pup for a walk around our new campground.

Pics of the snapped valve stem, my improvised Mother’s Day Mimosa (I was not driving) and our beautiful drive to our new location in Kingsland, Georgia!

You don’t have OJ? CJ can do in a pinch.

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