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July 19th, 2023

Reba’s Reviews

Voted number one dog park in the US by Mini Aussie, Reba McIntyre Lafond……drumroll….and the winner is……drumroll…….The Hugh Rogers Wag Park in Whitefish, Montana!

This gorgeous 5 acre public dog park has multiple fenced areas where you can run your tail off. Your humans can throw the ball as far as the eyes can see and you can run in the grass as fast as lightning, pick up that ball, leave it right where you found it and dog snicker as the humans trudge over to get it and throw it for you again, and again, and again!

And when you get so tuckered your tongue falls out, get the human to open the gate to the DOG POND! My mom threw the ball into the water and this time I brought it back. She indulges me most of the time, but draws the line at going into the pond to get the ball for me.

Loved the pond!

I raced through the water with my new friends, a Great Pyrenees and some other giant pups. They are not as cool as my Pyr buddy Puffy, but they will do while we are on the road.

Check out my new pals in the pond!

There was a dog wash station where I got rinsed off after the pond and then we went over to the agility games and I showed off my “hup” (jump) and weave. They had fresh water stations for my dog friends and their humans too!

I got a 10/10 on the balance beam.

In addition to the whole park being a huge dog restroom, they had potties for the humans too and dad got to sit in the shade at a picnic table while mom did all the running and throwing. He did drive me over in the truck so we just let him rest for awhile.

Dad’s shade spot

All of the humans were very responsible and picked up the poop so the grass was beautiful and lush. Mom loved the gorgeous mountain view and the paved walking trails too.

I sure wish I had met Hugh Rogers who was a veterinarian in the Whitefish area. Sadly, he crossed the rainbow bridge awhile back because of a plane crash. He and the humans who run this place in his honor deserve a four paw salute in my book!

If you are in the area or just want to check out the best of the best go here for more info:

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