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February 28th, 2022

This talk was delivered at the Milwaukee Business Journal Mentoring Monday event, my last public event before heading out on the road.

It has been nearly eight years since I started working at Milwaukee Business Journal. And although the skyline has changed drastically, much has remained the same.

Through those years, Milwaukee Business Journal has honored those who made that impact on our skyline during our Real Estate Awards programs. Through those stories you learned how talented engineers, designers, architects and construction professionals brought us the spectacular Northwestern Mutual and BMO towers and the Fiserv Forum where over 60,000 celebrated the Milwaukee Bucks making history. You also learned about a humble building where they do amazing healing work – The Sojourner Family Peace Center.

Milwaukee Business Journal brought you stories of the downtown renaissance, insight into the jobs gap that we started seeing long before the great resignation began. Our talented team gave you a look into the innovation that is occurring all along the I-94 corridor through our Innovate 94 series of stories.

But it wasn’t all good news. We covered the DNC convention that wasn’t, the pandemic that threatened every single part of our business and our lives, and the escalating crime that has leaders worried about the future of our city.

Lots of kids are not getting the education they deserve. Many of our citizens struggle to find affordable housing, health care and food.

And although we strive to make sure that we tell ALL the business stories and share the work of people in every generation, of every color, background and gender, inequity still exists.

It is not all sunshine and roses and awards.

Thank goodness for the goodness that is happening because wonderful people bring their whole selves to the table to work on solutions.

Over the past eight years more than 225 Women of Influence have been added to the nearly _ that have been honored by Milwaukee Business Journal through the years. Each award is representative of incredible work that the winners are putting into our community.

During that same time, 320 extraordinary young people have been added to the roles of our 40 Under 40 honorees.

And each of these incredible winners is representative of dozens of others who wake up each and every day working to make Milwaukee the best possible place it can be.

Leave you in good hands.

Headed out on the adventure to see what we might find out there in the US.

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