Guess who drove?

Sunday January 17th, 2023

It has been a full ten months and while I have driven a couple of segments in that time, Tim gets pretty darned nervous when he’s not at the wheel.

We are headed out west in a month or so and Tim and I had some heart to heart talks about the fact that I have been driving for over 40 years and I drive the truck without the rig all the time. And that it’s just SAFER to have two experienced drivers before we head out to the western national parks.

I may have thrown in that just in case something happened and he couldn’t drive, SOMEONE had to be able to get us home….so, he reluctantly agreed to put aside his passenger side nerves and let me take the wheel from Tampa to The Grand Oaks in Lady Lake, FL.

I hooked us up (perfectly I might add) and drove the entire way to the new park. We stopped at a rest area and he tried to talk me into letting him finish the trip, but I prevailed.

I felt pretty cheeky (Tim’s words) when I got us backed into our new spot perfectly!

Tim has promised to let me drive at least once a month or so to stay practiced.

Look at that parking job!

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You know those days when you wish you could just sell all your stuff and go on the road? Me too! So I did it.

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