Forsyth KOA – Forsyth, GA

October 8th, 2022

Parking lot – not a campsite

The Forsyth KOA is labeled a Journey, which means it’s not a fancy campground, but this is by far physically the worst example of a KOA we have stayed at so far.

The PEOPLE are very nice. Everyone was helpful and kind. They even brought chocolate chip cookies after they led us to our site.

However, that is where the good times ended.

The campground has a security gate at the entrance. You have to swipe a piece of paper with a code on it to get in. Good for security – bad if you actually want to get IN. There are two scanners, one for small cars and one for very tall motor homes. There is no possible way to reach either from the seat of a Ford F-350. When you do climb out of your truck to wave the code at the machine, you have to waive it JUST RIGHT. We literally never got in without someone coming out to help us. “Nah, hold it like this, at an angle and wave it like this….”

The roads in the park need work. Pot holes and RVs worth 100K+++++ don’t go together.

With roads this narrow, it’s hard to miss the huge holes.

You can see by the featured photo that the sites are tight – I could touch the next rig from our bottom step. OK for a parking lot. Not OK for a campsite.

Taken from our bottom step – see their sewer pipe?

Reba will tell you more about the supposed KampK9 dog park. A small patch of dirt and rocks surrounded by a fence is not a dog park. Just sayin….

Even MOM can throw a ball farther than this (and daddy had to go on the woods to get it.)

We will put this on the not coming back list.

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