Panther Creek State Park

May 30th, 2022 Kodak, TN

Hurry up mom, there might be a squirrel up there!

We are spending this week at a beautiful, mom and pop, RV park called Dumplin Valley RV Park. This gorgeous location was formerly a working farm. Years ago they started hosting a bluegrass festival on their property in the fall and it has grown and grown.

They needed more places for the fans of the festival to stay, so they put in full hookup sites through the farmland. It is beautiful. Here is a picture from our walk yesterday. That’s us on the right.

Honey and the Beast are on the right in the pull through sites.

This morning Tim found the gorgeous Panther Creek State Park about 30 minutes from our campsite. Can you believe that finding views like this is a main part of our life right now? We are very lucky!

Do you think someone owns those islands?

We took a drive around the park, then stopped at the welcome center to get a trail map. We negotiated to a 1.5 mile simple hike. They do have quite a few more trails, some of which can be challenging. Some of the trails are designed for bikes, some for horses and some for old folks like us!

Many of the trails are the same color on the map – did we get lost? Yep!

We only got lost for a few minutes – then Reba and I took on a short hike up a more challenging trail while Tim rested.

I keep expecting to see flowers everywhere, but there are just a few here and there. The ones we did see are gorgeous!

Reba and I went wading in a quick flowing creek for a little bit. She had a blast chasing dragonflies and splashing away. I forgot to bring my camera from the truck!

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