Brown County State Park

March 16th, 2022

We had a much more relaxing day today. Here are our lessons from yesterday.

Without knowing what I was doing, I reserved a pull-through site in Brown County State Park in Indiana. I thought that meant a larger site and easier to get into. Wrong.

The only pull-through sites in this incredible park are in the Taylor Ridge loop which is GORGEOUS, but heavily wooded. We got here last night in the dark, so we got to our site and simply pulled in and slept hooked up for the night. We were nowhere near level and did not have room to put out the awnings so after trying to re-position, we went to the camp office and the wonderful woman at the desk helped us get settled into a much larger back in site. The site itself is not as wooded, but there are gorgeous woods all around us and……we backed in without too much trouble!

AND – guess what we saw in the new camping area? Another Alliance RV Owners – Ally! We stopped to wave and say hi on our way out to get some gas but we have not met them yet. They are in a larger version – a 365.

There is a bath house in this area and as there are not water hookups, that is coming in handy.

A man came over from a couple of sites away as Tim was fixing a delicious burger and roasted potato dinner on the fire. He is 70 years old, wearing a Harley shirt and he shared some fire starters that he swears by. He said that he got his first Harley in high school and I believe he said he was on his 20th bike. We invited him and his wife over to share a bourbon later.

Just sitting by the fire, catching you all up on our adventures. I’ll drop a few pictures in so you can see how beautiful it is here and that we actually were able to back in and feed ourselves today! 🙂

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