Fun night with new friends

January 19th, 2023

You do not go hungry at Stavros and Sons.

I need to start a new line of posts about all the incredible people we meet on the road. Last week we had dinner at Stavro’s and Sons Pizza Restaurant in Fruitland Park, Florida with our pals Mary and Dan Bolger from Chicago.

They have other restaurants, but we went to the original

We met Mary and Dan and their adorable pup Minnie in April of last year when we made our first visit to The Grand Oaks RV Park. We happened to be next to each other and we spent many hours with Dan chucking the ball for Minnie and Reba. Minnie is outstanding off leash and never leaves the area. Reba however….we are still working on her manners.

We found that we were both coming back to the area in Jan/Feb of this year and we ended up just a few sites down from each other again. Reba and Minnie picked right up where they left off, enjoying each-other’s company while chasing the ball. And their people did what they do best – eat. 🙂

On our first visit we had gone to Stafro’s and Sons a couple of times and so we asked them to join us there for dinner last week. The restaurant is homey and packed with locals so you know the food is excellent. I had the lasagna like I usually do and everyone tried something different. Mary and Dan’s meals came with a “side” of spaghetti and when the meals came to the table and they set the “sides” down we all went whoa! We thought that was the whole meal! Nope, there was more coming!

We couldn’t end the night there. We recommended that we stop in another local place we found on our first visit, Mystic Ice Cream! This place is known for their boozy concoctions. They have other options too. We each had what they call a small, but it was a cup piled with gooey goodness.

The ice cream is outstanding, and you are also treated to an eclectic decor filled with memorabilia from the 50s, 60s, 70s and probably a few more decades thrown in for fun. Mystic features trivia nights, which I understand get pretty competitive and karaoke nights which can range from outstanding talent to someone who may have had just enough manhattan ice cream to dare the stage.

Mystic Ice Cream with Mary and Dan.

We have made fast friends and will definitely keep in touch as we continue our travels!

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