Bear Country USA

June 30th, 2022

Baby bears at Bear Country USA

The cheesiest thing we have done in the Black Hills, but one of the most delightful too!

We spent a couple of hours at Bear Country USA and got to see some incredible creatures up close. Bear Country USA is a drive through zoo or maybe more like a mini drive through safari.

You pay your $20, get your instructions to keep your windows up, and drive through various sections of grasslands that are filled with elk, pronghorn, mountain lions, bison, wolves and of course black bear.

A few of the sections were either empty or their inhabitants were good at hiding. But the black bear section more than made up for a missing mountain lion!

There were dozens of them, just roaming around, stretching, sleeping. Some of them were HUGE!

After the drive through portion, we could walk through a section that was more like a traditional zoo. This area was filled with small animals and…the BABY BEARS!

They keep the babies with their mothers for the first three months until they are weaned and then they move them into this bear adorable bear kindergarten until they are old enough to be able to be in with the adults.

While we were there, a ranger stopped by to feed the babies some carrots. They were delighted with the treats!

When you get to the Black Hills – I highly recommend doing this fun tourist trap experience! 🙂

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