Grits Cafe

October 12, 2022

Amazing biscuit at Grits Cafe

We had a nice meal at Grits Cafe in Forsyth, GA. They had a small patio so Reba could join us and grab a few snacks.

The biscuits and appetizers were outstanding. We had the house favorites appetizer that included fried green tomatoes, grits fritters and spring rolls. We probably should have stopped right there. We were already stuffed when our main courses came!

The sauces on the “House Favorites” were delicious!

Our main courses were good, not up to the standard of the biscuits and apps, but good. We didn’t leave room for dessert sadly.

If you get to Forsyth, head to Grits Cafe. Have cocktails, the apps, skip the main course and have the dessert!

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