Covid camping – ugh.

September 19th, 2022

Thank goodness for French Onion Soup from Emily and Alex and for Katie for helping nurse me back to health!

I’m usually a pretty healthy person. But since we started our RV life I have gotten pretty sick twice. And I have to tell you, quarantining in 375 square feet isn’t the most fun I’ve had.

The first time was in Florida in Spring. I came down with strep, had 103.8 degree fever and spent 3-4 days pretty much sleeping. The good news that time was that once I was on antibiotics for a day, I could get out among people.

This time I was not so lucky. Tim and I are both double vaccinated and boosted, but early last week, I got the chills, then a fever. I thought – maybe strep again, but just in case, got tested for COVID. Yep. It got me. Again, two fun days in bed, followed by several days of some icky side effects from the Paxlovid they gave me.

I’m officially past the quarantine period now thank goodness. I have limited energy, but am working that up a little more each day.

I’m thankful for my little side-kick, Reba. She’s been keeping me company! (Tim got much less sick that I did and he’s out fishing with some friends this week.)

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