It’s been a little bit..

June 15th, 2022

Alex grabbing ingredients for dinner.

One of the very best parts of living in an RV and traveling the US is that when someone you love needs you, you can just hitch up and GO!

Our daughter Emily is marrying her fiancé Alex this fall and the wedding will be in the backyard of their beautiful new-to-them home in Illinois.

We were headed to Milwaukee for an event this weekend already, but Emily called about ten days ago to ask if we could change our plans and come to her house instead and help get the yard ready and help her with some other wedding plans.

We have weeded and mulched and planted and shopped and spent wonderful days with Emily and Alex and we are so very fortunate to be able to be here for another week before we head out again.

Alex is a very accomplished cook and has rewarded our work with some amazing meals. Many of the ingredients come directly from their garden that is already producing lettuces, cucumbers and some squash.

This is just part of the greens section!

And of course Reba has had the chance to catch up with her best pal Puff, although she was a bit dismayed that he has grown to more than twice her size in the past three months!

When they last met, they were the same size!

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One thought on “It’s been a little bit..

  1. Thank you for all of your help! We could not have gotten everything done without you, and are so grateful to have you guys! Fresh garden pizza is always hot and ready for your next visit ❤️

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