Can I finally learn? Urban campgrounds are not my style….

June 24th, 2022

For the most part the campgrounds we have stayed at were at least “fine” but the times I have kicked myself for the booking were when we were in a campground marked “easy interstate access.”

Like the real estate codes “cozy” that means REALLY small, “easy interstate access,” means you are sleeping with the semis.

The people running the place were nice, however, they were closed for an hour right in the middle of check-in time. So after driving nearly six hours we showed up to a closed office, nobody answering the phones and an RV already parked in the spot we were assigned. Because we could not reach anyone we had no idea if we were going to have a spot for the night. Grrr…

I’m usually the calm one of our traveling couple, but this time Tim had to talk me off the cab of the truck.

When they opened an hour after we arrived, and I let them know that we had been waiting an hour and were very worried, they simply said, “didn’t you get our E Mail?” Um, nope. No E mail. And couldn’t you simply answer your emergency line if you were going to close in the middle of the day?

They assigned us a new spot in the corner which, while large was extremely difficult to back into and backed up to Interstate 20 where the semis serenaded us all night long. (Hey truckers, jake brakes at midnight don’t make you cool and you don’t need them in the middle of Sioux Falls.)

If you must stay here for a one night stop over, ask for a pull through in the parking lot. I know that sounds horrible, but it’s an easy set up and at least you are a few hundred yards from the interstate.

Lesson learned, finally! Sometimes I can be thick headed.

If it says easy interstate access, read the bad reviews and look to see if you are going to be literally parked on the interstate shoulder.

Onward – to the Badlands!

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