Reba’s Reviews – Forsyth KOA Dog Park

October 8th, 2022

Mom, are you KIDDING ME?

You said we were going to a dog park. Where I can run in the soft grass and chase and tumble with new dog friends.

This has a fence like a dog park, and I ran right up to the gate – SO EXCITED.

No dogs.

No wonder.

No grass.

No water.

No toys.

Just some half buried tires that you can’t do anything with. Two broken fire hydrants at the gate. Rocks and dirt and it wasn’t even big enough for MOM to throw a ball for me. She threw one and it went right into the woods outside the chain link fence. And mom does not throw a ball very far.

Dad had to go get my ball in the woods and we had to go back to the trailer.

This is NOT the KAMPK9 I’ve grown to know and love. It’s not even good enough for a stupid cat.

And guess what? Forsyth, GA doesn’t have a dog park anywhere in the area! The nearest one was more than 40 minutes away.

Zero paws for the Forsyth KOA KampK9.

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