Batavia Farmers Market

September 24, 2002

I should have taken more pictures.

Katie and I took the pups to the Batavia Farmers Market on Saturday morning. It is a small, but well run market filled with local farmers, food makers and crafters.

We stopped by the booth that sells home made dog treats of course and picked up a bag of Hooch’s Honey Bits dog treats. They are Reba’s all time favorite treat.

Reba’s favorite!

We got fresh ground burgers, beautiful beets and other colorful veggies and of course got a fabulous cup of coffee.

I made a yummy beet, apple and onion dish later in the afternoon. Check out the recipe in Joy of Cooking.

But the favorite part was sitting on a patio with a fresh bloody Mary, listening to a great singer and just chilling with the dogs.

How to keep two active dogs focused at a farmers market? Hot dogs in a bag!
Reba and Puff made themselves comfortable.

If you find yourself in Batavia, IL on a nice Saturday morning, stop by!

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