RV toiletgate

November, 2022

Learned how not to fix an RV toilet.

There are many, many times that I’m thrilled at how good Timmy is at fixing things. 95% of the time, he saves us money and keeps stuff in use and out of the landfill.

He has repaired loose molding, replaced our door lock with an electronic one, installed an anti-theft lock on our king pin, installed our TPMS system. He has cleaned all the AC filters and keeps the black and grey tanks empty and clean.

And while he ultimately did fix this one, we do now have a rule in the “house.” If we only have one of the thing he wants to fix and if it will affect our daily life in a meaningful way, we will call in a pro. And like in this case, sometimes, things in our RV are not meant to be fixed. You just have to replace them.

Timmy analyzing the situation.

Periodically, over the past few months, we have found a puddle of clean water at the front of our toilet. It didn’t happen every day and we checked everything to make sure that we were not spilling something and that it was not somehow coming from the shower or the sink.

Finally Tim got fed up with it and decided he was going to fix it. He watched YouTube videos and researched online and then….took our only toilet off the base. Apparently the one that came installed in our Alliance 310 has had a problem with an interior area filling up with fresh flush water. When it is full, it “spills” out and seeps onto the floor.

We got the toilet off the floor and separated the two parts of the outside and Tim felt like he got the interior area fixed, so we went to put the toilet back on and….apparently the two pieces were not made to be able to take apart. The nuts that held them back together fell into the bowl cavity, never to see the light of day again.

Luckily, Tim was determined and was able to find a replacement within a reasonable drive and he got us an upgraded toilet and replaced it before we went to bed that night.

Lesson learned. New toilet works great! 🙂

Works great!

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  1. Yup,, Just be very happy that You do not have to experience the trial’s and tribulations or the “Magnum-Opus” vacuum assisted toilet upkeep.

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