Lazy days at Lazy Days

March 29th, 2022

Tim braving the “crowds” at the pool – pretty much had it to ourselves.

We spend the first week of our Florida stay at Lazy Days RV Park in Tampa. While they don’t sell Alliance 5th wheels, they do know how to run a pretty good park.

It is in urban setting and the sites are tight, but they have a clean, beautiful, caged (no bugs) pool, a cute little restaurant and bar and hot breakfast included each morning with your site! Because I don’t usually eat a large breakfast, it really became lunch for us!

Reba waiting for Tim to come out with her breakfast. She loved the bacon and eggs! (I figure we didn’t make them feed any kids – so a slice or two of bacon was probably OK.)

Reba and I found a little neighborhood behind the resort to walk in and it is GORGEOUS back there! I hope developers never find it. Beautiful old trees, large lots and for the most part tiny, little homes that look like they have been there for decades. It’s literally a minute or two from the interstate, but you would never know it.

Right behind our spot was a pond area (probably a retention pond, but it was beautiful) that was screaming with frogs one night after the rain.

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