Indian Springs State Park

October 8th, 2022

Timmy on the trail – Indian Springs State Park

While in Forsyth, we checked out another nearby Georgia State Park. Indian Springs State Park has two nice trails. The longer that went alongside the water was closed for some sort of race, so we tried the shorter one that took us up a small hill and through the woods.

Reba and I waiting on Timmy to catch up!

They have a spring house, which I apparently forgot to take a picture of. According to urban legend the water from the springs solves all sorts of medical issues and there were quite a few people waiting to fill their 5 gallon jugs.

When they saw me with my little 12oz water bottle, they were very kind and let me cut in line so I could try the water. Gosh I HOPE it does something wonderful because it tasted and smelled pretty icky. Timmy’s environmental guy nose said it is the sulfur in the water.

As we left the park we saw a row of adorable little shops, so of course I insisted we stop. We did have to replace Tim’s camping coffee mug because he broke it the day before. (He say’s it was Reba’s fault).

One of the shopkeepers told us about a restaurant that had outdoor seating so we could take our pup with us. And it was DELICIOUS!

Shrimp Po-Boy and grits at Yahola Creek Restaurant
Reba thought it was delicious too!

Just outside the restaurant was a cute garden area that was free to walk through. It’s late in the season so not much is blooming, but they have a number of areas for kids to play and it was also dog-friendly.

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