Reba’s Reviews – Bay View Community Park

February 5th, 2023

Mom and Dad happened upon a very special neighborhood while staying at Pensacola Beach RV Resort.

We found this private beach!

From our RV park mom and dad could load me in the truck and we can be there in just ten or fifteen minutes and they have not one, but TWO DOG PARKS!

The first one we tried out is actually a dog beach with a few hundred feet of shoreline. The water is pretty clear and mom can chuck the ball out for me over and over and over and over and over and….well you get the idea.

The first time we were there I did a great job swimming out, grabbing the ball and bringing it back to mom. The next time, there were so many dogs that I got distracted between getting the ball and the bringing it back part, but it was still tons of fun!

As we were leaving the first day, mom saw that there was a second large dog park in the middle of the park (no beach) but filled with so many dogs! I ran and ran and ran and ran and because the park is tiered I got a chance to show off my jumping skills too!

Look at me “hup!” (you humans call this jumping)

Then the next day mom and dad found and other part of this cool neighborhood, the Bay Bluffs park. We walked (I pulled) down the boardwalk and steps to a very quiet beach and we were able to walk and swim a little there too.

Mom was gushing about how cute the houses were in the neighborhood and she said that they were priced pretty good too. Too bad none of our family lives nearby or I think she would have started house shopping and I could live my life at these parks!

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