Emerson Point Reserve – Palmetto, FL

November 1, 2022

We hiked the beautiful Terra Ceia trail.

I got Tim to agree to check out Emerson Point Preserve. It’s just a few miles from The Tides RV Resort where we are staying. Emerson Point Preserve is on Snead Island and features the Manatee River and the Terra Ceia Bay.

We hiked the beautiful Terra Ceia trail. This trail does a 2.1 mile loop around the preserve. It was, thankfully, nearly completely shaded. The temperature was hovering around 85 degrees so it was HOT.

We brought two very large bottles of water, and I’ll be sure to bring even more if we do this trail again.

Reba got to “meet” a few animals and animal remains on our hike. She found an empty horseshoe crab shell in the shallow waters of the bay.

Then she came across a gopher tortoise. She thought the tortoise was much more interesting, but I kept her back to save stress on the tortoise and keep her from getting her nose snapped.

I didn’t get a picture of the last animal she found, the black snake was too quick!

We will definitely come back here during our stay. There are several other areas of the preserve we can explore.

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