Mardi Gras in Biloxi

Sunday February 19th, 2023

First Mardi Gras parade – I got into it!

I have an important piece of advice for anyone who is going to their first ever Mardi Gras parade. But first, here are a few pictures from the parades we enjoyed in D’lberville and Biloxi, Mississippi.

Getting started in Biloxi!

The two parades we went to were very family friendly affairs. Marching bands, simple and colorful floats filled with smiling faces from all generations.

There were littles and grandmas waving, young men showing off their throwing skills, and women decked in purple green and gold tossed beads and trinkets to the crowd.

So what is the advice for first time Mardi Gras parade goers? Don’t put ALL the beads on your neck! Grab a bag (they will throw bags to you) and put most of them in there. Those beads are HEAVY! And when you have just thrown them over your head like I did, they get tangled when you try to take them off. It was a hard 20 pounds to lose! LOL!

Did I add more beads? You bet I did!

That bag on my arm is now sitting outside the rig with about 30 pounds of beads in it. Anyone want some?? Got any good craft ideas?

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