High Falls State Park – Jackson, GA

October 6th, 2022

One look at High Falls State Park. Gorgeous park!

High Falls State Park in Jackson, GA is wrapped across a highway, so you do have to navigate your way into nature, but it’s 100% worth it!

We are staying at a KOA Journey in Forsyth, GA for a few days on our way down to Florida and High Falls is just a few miles north of our base camp.

We peeked at the High Falls campground and it reminded of why we should be checking out state campgrounds more often. High Falls has significantly more space between the sites than at our KOA. (I could touch the next coach from the bottom of our stairs today – luckily they were only there for an overnight.)

Reba will have a review of the Forsyth KOA’s dog park (dog dirt) later.

On the lakeside campground side we walked near the dam first. It was a small area but gorgeous.

Tim and Reba

We walked across the highway to the Falls Trail, which was a bit tricky to navigate with a frisky pup, but I got some beautiful memories and videos!

20 seconds of peace

Reba and I left Tim near the top of the falls trail and we made it trough the first loop together. I found out later that the climb back up was equivalent of 13 flights of stairs. Even Reba was a bit winded when we made it back!

We then headed over to the “Tranquility Trail” which was marked easy, and it was 2 miles of a pretty standard trail, but getting in and out on part of the Historic Trail was a bit more challenging. In total we did about 4 miles yesterday.

Reba was pooped, but nobody fell down so that’s a good thing!

Timmy took a picture!!

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