Renewed Friendships

May 7th, 2022

Kira and Michelle Schutte at Eaton’s Beach

One of the many, many blessings of retirement is the time that it gives you to re-new old friendships.

Michell and I met when we were back door neighbors in Racine, Wisconsin. She quickly became my confidant, walking buddy and our families shared all the major holidays since neither of us had local family.

She is “Momma Michelle” to my two girls and to their good friend Jessica.

Nine years ago, Michelle and Lon retired to the Villages in central Florida and while I was working getting time to spend together was tough. My family also lives in Florida so trips down there were often consumed with family adventures.

When we were planning our time in Florida, a must was a couple of weeks nearby so we could plan some get togethers and even though I got mighty sick in the middle of our time there, we were able to get together three times.

We spent some time at her pool, at an executive golf course that is just my size (nothing over 100 yards and TWO holes you can shoot for, one the size of a small dinner plate – LOL).

Katie was able to join us at Michelle’s pool!

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