Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway + La Sal Mountain Loop

June 11th, 2023

If you find yourself near Moab, Utah you will have an incredible number of activities to choose from. Both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are within a half hour drive, you can explore the cute Moab downtown, there are hikes and rafting adventures, mountain biking and ATV rentals.

Enjoy all of those, but save a full day to enjoy the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway (UT 128) and the La Sal Mountain Loop.

Imagine views like this for HOURS!

The incredible snowmelt this year filled the Colorado river to the brim and it was blazing fast and beautiful!

People were rafting – looked like they had fun!

We passed several gorgeous guest ranches and did stop for a beverage at the store attached to the Sorrel River Ranch!

I’d come back and stay here – beautiful property complete with horses!

This beautiful byway is 44.5 miles long and snakes through a red rock gorge with sandstone walls, towers and spires. You can see why this gorge has been used as a location for movies and commercials. It is curvy and crazy, but nothing in comparison to the offshoot we took called La Sal Mountain Loop.

We took this beautiful drive, which loops 60 miles from the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway up through the mountains and then follows the Colorado back to Moab.

The narrow, twisting road tested Tim’s driving skills and slight fear of heights in many areas, but my offers to drive were rebuked as I think he would have had even more stress watching me take the curves!

He would not let me drive!

The La Sal mountains are millions of years old, gorgeous and boast snowy tops in the middle of June.

We missed it, but I understand that a few miles off the loop road you can see preserved dinosaur tracks at the overlook of Fisher Mesa.

Reba approved of the drive and thought her little pit stop was quite fun!

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