Little Horse Hiking – Sedona, AZ

Thursday April 27th, 2023

One of my very favorite parts of traveling the country in our RV is that we get to meet the most wonderful people.

I have been excited to hike the trails in Sedona, but Tim is not as excited about it. I was happy to meet Jessica and Michelle at Distant Drums and we all got up early to hike the Little Horse trail yesterday!

Kira, Michelle and Jessica – Little Horse Trail

We were early enough to grab a parking spot. If you don’t get going in time you can also park in Sedona and take the shuttle to many of the popular trailheads.

Jessica at the start of the trail!

Little Horse is part of the Bell Rock Pathway. It is pretty well marked, but we did use All Trails at a few junctions just to be sure we were headed the right way.

I took my collapsible hiking stick with me on this trek and I was glad I did. I didn’t really need it going up, but it came in handy to give me some confidence coming back down. The pebbles can be a bit slippery and my old knees are not what they once were.

On the way up, we were able to get a look at the Chapel of the Holy Cross that is built right into the red rocks. Tim and I have not visited there yet, but it is on our list.

We went as far as Chicken Point, which allowed us for a brief rest and some of the most incredible views I have ever seen. But wait, we then went a little further on the Broken Arrow Trail and the views were even better!!!

The Pink Jeep company got their vehicles up there somehow too, but I’m glad we climbed.

I paused my watch walking tracker at the top and of course forgot to start it again on the way down, but I believe we did over 4 miles total.

I’m working to get my endurance up so I can do some more challenging trails when we hit Grand Canyon, Zion, Moab, Yellowstone, Glacier and Rocky Mountain national parks.

Need to work on looking up – a sore neck was the worst of my aches!

Keep watching – you will either watch me get a bit more fit or collapse on a rocky trail!

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  1. Sedona is a beautiful place. You might want to take the rubber tip off of your walking stick if it has a carbide metal tip meant for dirt and rock.

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