The Grand Teton National Park

July 8th, 2022

The best hike – designed by Emily!

We visited Yellowstone’s little sister park, Grand Teton while Emily was staying with us. This park is about 1/10th the total acerage of Yellowstone, but it packs in gorgeous mountains, valleys, meadows, lakes and incredible hikes.

We stopped at Jackson Lake Lodge to check out the beautiful architecture and incredible views.

View from the lodge

Grand Teton National Park is just a few miles south of Yellowstone and was named a national park in 1929. It includes the gorgeous peaks of Teton range which tops out at nearly 14,000 feet and much of the valley known as Jackson Hole.

Imagine hiking those peaks!

Like many people I always thought Jackson Hole was the name of a ski town. Turns out the town is simply called Jackson, Wyoming and the entire valley is Jackson Hole, cause it’s a hole in the mountain range.

Emily looking for wildlife.

Grand Teton has over 200 miles of hiking trails. Some of these are well traveled and can get crowded. Emily did some research and put parts of two lesser known hikes together and we saw so many beautiful things!

Mother daughter hike!

This incredible hike took us to Moose Ponds where we were thrilled to see several beautiful beasts!

Just hanging at the watering hole.
Through the woods and over a stream.
This beauty was sitting in the meadow along our path.
I used a zoom- we were not this close.
Love the ear flicks –

We ended up in a meadow/marsh that was filled with wildflowers!

Grand Teton has historical buildings including Menor’s Ferry Homestead that is open to the public and occasionally has staff in period costumes. It sits alongside the Snake River.

Emily and I explored the area and caught the very end of the staff led tour of the building.

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