Home on Wheels

Welcome to our home.  

We are spending 18 months or so in our new Alliance 310 fifth-wheel.  With her wings spread, she gives us 375 square feet of living space

“Honey” features a king sized bed and a nice sized closet across her nose.

We chose Alliance because of their reputation for incredible customer service, the community they have built on social media and of course the huge for and RV shower!  

Here you will find posts about Honey and the incredible learning journey we are on as brand new RV campers.  We had never pulled a fifth wheel or any type of camper before we took this plunge, so we have learned a LOT!

First three lessons:

*Don’t turn too hard when you are backing up.  You will bust out your brand new truck’s back window. 

*You need half of what you think you need in the RV.  This applies first and foremost to the female’s clothes.  

*EVERYTHING needs to be put away before you close your slides and hook up.  Yes, even the remote.  It likes to fall under the slide and get caught  

More lessons and a peek at Honey will be posted at this page.  

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