Reba’s Reviews

Hi, I’m Reba McEntire Lafond.  I’m a one year old Miniature Australian Shepherd and I’m unsure if I want to meet you.  If you were a dog, I’d be sniffing your tail and racing you across the field in ten seconds flat.

As for you humans, I’ll be happy to bark at you to make SURE my parents know that something scary has arrived.  Mom will calmly say “quiet” and Dad will scream “she’s gotta stop that!”  Mom will remind Dad that the more crazy he acts, the more crazy I’ll act.  He never learns.  

If you completely ignore me, I’ll eventually nose you in the leg. Then and only then will I grant you access to my luxurious Aussie fur.  You can pet me if you have to, but I’d prefer if you throw a ball for me about a thousand times.  

Mom, Dad and I live in an Alliance 310 and we are traveling the country to find all the best dog parks and hiking trails.  

In my free time between naps and chasing my dog friends I dictate reviews for Lafond of the Road. 

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