Drop what you are doing

June 22nd, 2022

Begonias or impatiens? Big decision of the day.

One of the most amazing parts about being retired and having a home that is on wheels is that when your family calls you can simply drop what you are doing and head over to help.

A couple of weeks ago we were in the Smoky Mountains with plans to head to Lexington then up through Illinois with stops in the SIU-Carbondale area, then up through Lincoln Illinois and on to Caledonia where we would stay for an event in Milwaukee on the 17th of June.

Our oldest daughter is getting married at the beginning of September and she called in the parents to help with planning and getting their backyard ready for the wedding. She didn’t have to ask me twice! Cancel a few reservations and find a couple of one night stays on our way to Aurora, Illinois and mom and dad to the rescue!

We weeded and we mulched and trimmed and we planted and planted and planted. Did I mention that Emily is GROWING most of her own wedding flowers?

Puff and Reba “helped” by wrestling and mowing down some hostas.

Just when we thought we could not move one more muscle, we jumped in their pool to cool off with a cocktail!

Timmy checking out the pool temp.

Emily and I had time to go shopping for my MOTB dress and she found her dresses for her bachelorette party and her rehearsal dinner AND we were able to purchase a dress for her sister who is in the UK right now!

We shopped for the thrift/garage sale chairs and couches and rugs that will be in vignettes around her yard for the reception.

We found a hair and makeup stylist, bought a Cricut, which Emily used to make signs for the reception. We refined the booze list and on a quick dinner out found the location for their A-Party. If you know what that is you are younger than I am. (It’s the after party where the young folks go when we go to bed.) 🙂

We were the lucky recipients of some fabulous meals from our soon to be son in law who has a new outdoor pizza oven and mad cooking skills. The salads were just minutes from their incredible garden.


Living this life gives me gifts every day.

But the very best is the gift of flexibility and time.

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