Useless dinette – gone!

July 20th, 2022

We thought we made a good choice when we went with a table and chairs instead of a booth option when we purchased our RV. A tiny booth was never going to fit our larger than average bodies. However, because the table was attached to the wall we could not adjust the space for a comfortable eating/working spot.

So the table became a dumping ground for anything we brought into the RV that we didn’t feel like putting away immediately. The only useful part was that we removed two of the four chairs and put our dog’s crate on the recliner side of the dinette. The top of the crate sort of served as a side table for the recliner.

We either ate at the picnic table outside, at our camp chairs/tables or even in our recliners on occasion. I was doing work for my blog, project and board work in my recliner with my I-pad or phone stacked on a pillow – it was comical.

We decided to remove the table and replace it with a much needed desk.

I forgot to take a pre-picture of what the table looked like before we removed it, but here is a link to a pic on Alliance’s site. Imagine Tim and I trying to squeeze in there. LOL.

I searched for a desk we could assemble inside the RV that was sturdy but not terribly heavy. We found one on Wayfair. The IKEA desks we found were nice and light, but were either too wide or too narrow for the space we had. And I wanted the desk to be as large as possible.

Here is our after picture!

New desk is in!

One drawback was that we no longer had room for Reba’s crate. She used it on occasion, but no more than once or twice a week and we no longer crate her when we are out. So, instead of the crate we chose to not install the file drawer that came with the desk and we put her bed into the space below the lower part of the desk. It worked perfectly. She still has a little quiet, enclosed space to escape to if she feels the need.

Here are a few more pictures and a close up of Reba’s little nest.

If you are interested in checking out the table with all the included parts you can find it here:

We do not have an affiliate agreement with Wayfair and do not receive any funds if you end up buying one. But we would love to know if you decide to do something similar! 🙂

We did store the table and three chairs we removed in case we ever were to sell the RV, but we have no plans to do that anytime soon!

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